Who is Your Personal CFO?

Your Personal CFO was established to meet the financial planning needs of aspirational professionals, young executives and emerging small business owners. It draws on the vast experience of associated company Strategic Wealth – an industry leader with over 14 years experience.

Who is Oreana Financial Services?

Oreana Financial Services is owned by the Oreana group of companies. They are a highly successful, privately-owned business based in Melbourne, with offices in Hong Kong. They are licensing a network of high-quality practices like Your Personal CFO throughout Australia.

How are financial planners regulated?

The financial planning industry in Australia is subject to a high degree of regulation and has been rigorously evolved over recent years. The primary objective of this is to protect the public practitioners who may influence a client’s decision to purchase a financial product.

Financial planning services may only be provided upon the granting of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) issued under very strict criteria by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The licence permits the licence holder to deal in securities or advise on investments, which may be achieved through representatives or authorised representatives who have been approved by the licence holder to provide advice to clients. 

In addition to this, the Financial Planning Association (FPA), recognised as the peak professional body representing financial planners in Australia, has established a Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct by which financial planners are required to operate. The FPA is also licensed to provide the CFP® Certification Program to financial planners in Australia. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, CFP® represents the highest professional certification that can be awarded to a financial planner worldwide.

What is a Certified Financial Planner?

A Certified Financial Planner is someone who is dedicated to a high level of professionalism in the delivery of personal financial advice to clients.

Only those who fulfil initial and ongoing certification requirements can use the CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certification mark. This means when you meet with a CFP® professional you can have confidence in their experience, ethics, competence and integrity and be assured that their processes and overall objectives are to always put their clients’ interests and needs first. Rigorous requirements for the award of certification have meant the CFP® has quickly become the highest standard in financial planning worldwide. There are over 102,000 CFP® professionals worldwide with some 5,500 in Australia.

How will I benefit from seeing a financial planner – can I do this myself?

A financial planner, much as an accountant or lawyer, utilises their professional training, formal study and experience in understanding your personal financial situation and coordinating solutions to meet your needs in every area of your financial life. Accessing this expertise enables you to receive the best possible advice to protect and leverage your family’s income and asset position over the short, medium and long-term.

We keep abreast of changes in legislation, technical strategies and investment markets and products to quickly determine the relevant impacts on you. We are able to assess and respond appropriately to ensure your strategic plan remains on track to meeting your lifestyle needs. This means we are also best placed to identify and coordinate the right specialist professionals where necessary, e.g. Loan Specialists, Estate Planning & Investment Management, etc. At Your Personal CFO, we hold certain beliefs and views based on extensive research and experience on each of the financial areas that are addressed in a financial plan.

How do you charge me? What will it cost?

We charge fees on a Fee for Advice basis only, which means that we do not receive commissions from financial institutions on investment products.

Our initial consultation is provided free of charge. Should you wish to proceed with our service, then there will be charges for the development of a Wealth Management Plan and for Ongoing Services. Please refer to Your Personal CFO’s Fees and Remuneration section that provides more detail on the structure of our fees, as will our Financial Services Guide Representative Profile.

What do other clients have to say about your services?

We enjoy what we do because we make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. One of the best ways to understand the value that we add is to read more about what our Your Personal CFO clients think. Our Client Testimonials speak for themselves.

Can you help me secure a loan?

Yes. We can help you understand the financial implications of borrowing to acquire your home or investment property and how it fits into your overall wealth management plan. Additionally, our business partner Your Personal Mortgage can help source the best loan for your situation; one that will be low cost and appropriate for your needs.

Do I really need insurance?

Insurance is often something we don’t really think about until it’s too late. Many of us assume that the level of insurance provided through our superannuation will be enough – but what happens if it’s not? Wouldn’t you prefer to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that should the worst happen, you and your family are provided for?

To understand more about where and how the various types of insurances are best funded or structured please refer to our Personal Risk Insurance section.

Can a financial planner assist with estate planning?

At Your Personal CFO, we believe that estate planning is an important part of your financial plan and addresses the issue of appropriately distributing your wealth in a tax effective manner. After working hard all of your life to create the wealth you have, it is essential that your wealth transfers smoothly to your chosen beneficiaries. Estate Planning involves managing the transition of wealth between generations. There are a number of important areas to consider and we can help you work through these issues.