Our services are provided on a Fee for Advice basis only which means we do not take commissions from financial institutions on investment products.

Initial consultation

At our expense.

Advice preparation

Our fee for the completion of your Needs Analysis and preparation of your Financial Strategy will range from $2,500 - $4,000 depending on the level of complexity of your situation and the advice provided. 50% of the agreed fee will be invoiced at the commencement of work and the residual 50% will be invoiced upon delivery of the Financial Strategy.

Implementation (fee for advice)

In the majority of cases, fees associated with implementation activities are covered under the Ongoing Advice Fee arrangement. However, in some cases the implementation activity can be complex and a fee for this work will be identified in the Financial Strategy.

Where applicable, implementation fees may range from $500 - $2,000 and will vary depending on the level of complexity of your situation.

Ongoing fee for advice

We operate on a Fee for Advice basis. You have the choice of the following fee structures:

A Fixed Adviser Service Fee, reviewed annually,


A Strategic Review Fee plus a Portfolio Management Fee,


A Portfolio Management Fee.

The Ongoing Advice Fee charge will be based on the level of service needed and the complexity of the advice. Complex advice requirements include the use of trusts and ownership structures, overseas assets or incomes, executive options and share schemes or multiple investment entities. The level of investments under management and the frequency of review may also impact on the fee charged.

Our minimum annual Ongoing Advice Fee will be $2,500 and our maximum annual fee will be $4,000. The fees will be collected on a monthly basis and details on your fee structure will be disclosed in your Financial Strategy.

All fees and commissions are inclusive of GST and the fees could be greater than those disclosed above in complex cases. In these instances, we will inform you of the exact fee payable promptly in writing.